Ariel Winter's Mother Accuses Her of 'Craving Attention'

par SplashNewsFR

Ariel Winter has certainly been making more headlines these days, and reignited a feud with her mother, Crystal Workman. But now, Workman is denying all of Winter’s claims to Inside Edition, and has her own theory on the Modern Family stars’ motives. Workman tells IE, “She continues to attack me. It’s heartbreaking… I think she wants the headlines. I think she craves attention. If that means throwing your mother under the bus and hurting her and breaking her heart, she’s going to do it.” Winter told the Hollywood Reporter that she felt oversexualized at a very young age, partly due to how her mother allegedly would dress her in mini-skirts and other revealing clothing. Workman is reportedly denying all of these claims. Winter told the Hollywood Reporter, “People thought I was 24 when I was 12. If there was going to be a nude scene at that age, my mother would have a thousand times said yet.” Workman says “no, not in a million years,” but unfortunately the only thing that remains certain is this mother and daughter bond is still broken.

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