Blac Chyna: Rob Kardashian Had a $100,000 Weight Loss Surgery

par SplashNewsFR

The personal attacks continue as explosive court documents are revealed in the Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian lawsuit. According to reports, Rob secretly had $100,000 worth of weight loss surgery before lying about losing weight through a diet and exercise... something we’re certain he didn’t want to be made public. But Chyna made the news public by putting it in court documents she is using to defend herself against claims he made about her. And she addresses those claims. Saying that she only had minor cosmetic procedures, including a breast and butt reduction, as well as a small amount of liposuction around her belly button. She goes on to say these procedures cost far less than Rob’s $100,000 surgery. She even slams his for revealing her personal medical history, jeopardizing her endorsement deals with weight loss and fitness and diet companies. Chyna’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, even added that the Kardashians decided to start a war by trashing her online. And it looks like we’re in for a really big fight.

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