Brad Pitt Uses His Real Name When Flirting

par SplashNewsFR

If you’ve ever wanted to know how Brad Pitt flirts with a woman… you’re in luck. Page Six is exclusively reporting that the A-list actor chatted up a mystery blonde while on a coffee run in LA… and when he introduces himself, he uses his given name. According to their report, the woman said her name was Lydia, and Pitt extended his hand and said his name was William. To which she replied that he looked like a Bradley. And then he said, Bradley is his middle name, then he smiled an winked at her. They apparently chatted for a moment and then he hopped back on his motorcycle and drove away. Alone. So it doesn’t sound like he met his soul mate, but at least now we know how he likes to flirt. And he prefers to use William over Brad. So there ya have it.

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