Chelsea Handler is Ending Her Netflix Show to Become Activist

par SplashNewsFR

Chelsea Handler is ending her Netflix series after only two seasons… and the reason she’s doing it is so she can focus on her activism efforts. The 42 year old wrote on Twitter that her new goal is to be better informed, raise her voice, and participate in a more meaningful way. She wants to travel the country and visit areas and people she doesn’t know enough about, speak at colleges, and gain a better understanding of our political divide. Handler assured fans that new episodes of Chelsea will continue to stream through 2017… and she’ll still keep her relationship with Netflix ongoing. In fact, it sounds like they’ll be working together on a documentary where she’ll engage with people she doesn’t talk with enough – people of different ethnicities, religions, and political philosophies. Chelsea has actively slammed President Trump and even said she would never have him or the First Lady on her show because Melania can barely speak English.

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