Elisabeth Moss Blacked Out Before Winning Her Emmy

par SplashNewsFR

Mad woman? Former Mad Men actress Elizabeth Moss was so surprised with her Emmy win for The Handmaid’s Tale that she blacked out during the process. According to E! News, the actress says, “I really did. I don’t remember much of it. I’ve never experienced them actually calling my name, so it was a very strange feeling.” Elizabeth’s show, The Handmaid’s Tale, cleaned up during the Emmys and won eight out of 13 nominations including Outstanding Drama Series. But still, the actress didn’t anticipate the victory. She says, “It’s like an out of body experience – and you immediately try to remember everyone you have to thank!” Among the people Elizabeth thanked was her mother, who she referred to as an “effing badass.” We went ahead and censored that, the same was CBS did during the broadcast. Elizabeth tells E!, “I’m just so proud to get to do this work. To have an Emmy!... I just can’t believe it.” It’s safe to say all her fans saw it coming.

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