How Wine Caused Kaley Cuoco to Have Awkward Encounter With T.S.A.

par SplashNewsFR

Kaley Cuoco’s love of wine almost got her into some trouble, but not because she was drinking too much of it. The Big Bang Theory actress tells Jimmy Kimmel Live about a summer trip to Australia, where she accidentally packed a wine opener or two into her carry on, which doesn’t fly with security… No pun intended. When stopped by T.S.A, Kaley thought security was going to compliment her on her purse, but tells the talk show that they discovered a wine opener that could potentially be used as a weapon. After apologizing, Kaley tells how the T.S.A. agent then found a second wine opener in her makeup bag, and Kaley says, “Oh my god, I’m going to be on the a no-fly list.” Thankfully, the TV star had a good and truthful excuse. She reportedly told security, “I just like alcohol, and apparently, I needed to be very prepared.” Sounds like Kaley’s trip went smoothly after that incident, but we’re guessing she had to buy another wine opener, or two, when she landed in Australia.

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