Idris Elba's fiancée doesn't want him to become James Bond

par SplashNewsFR

The name’s Elba. Idris Elba. It has long be rumoured the 45-yeard-old actor could be the next James Bond. But now there’s an obstacle even 007 would struggle to overcome. Idris’s fiancée, Sabrina Dhowre, says she doesn’t want him to take on the role. She says Idris already likes to indulge his passions for directing and DJ-ing on top of his flourishing acting career. But as Bond, she thinks he would be 10 times busier than he is now leaving her to do all the boring housework and chores. But Idris is also sceptical to take on the role anyway. He says he thinks people are more eager to see a black actor play the role, rather than Idris Elba, the actor, as Bond.

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