Iggy Azalea Sued by American Express For $300K in Unpaid Credit Card Debt

par SplashNewsFR

Iggy Azalea might want to keep booking performances, because it sounds like she owes quite a bit of money. According to E! Online, American Express is suing the rapper for $300,000 dollars in credit card bills that she has failed to pay... Well, $299,147 dollars and .81 cents, to be exact. Strangely, it’s reported that the total is $250,000 dollars more than her card’s limit, so you’d think that card would have been maxed out? Iggy hasn’t made a statement about the suit, but it isn’t her first run in with financial issues. E! News reports that in 2016, the United States government went after her with a $400,000 dollar tax lien. Iggy reportedly explained that she was making monthly payments to the IRS instead of paying it all off in one sum. Perhaps she’ll claim to be doing the same thing with American Express. Either way, we’re sure Iggy is still living a lavish lifestyle and stacking paper.

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