Inside Jake Gyllenhaal's New Role as an Art Critic

par SplashNewsFR

Is Jake Gyllenhaal becoming Hollywood’s newest method actor? According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Gyllenhaal is taking his next role as an L.A. art critic very seriously by immersing himself in the industry. Page Six reports, “He plays an art critic in a revealing look at the art market in LA that involves billionaire collectors, gallerists, auctions and sales. He plays the critic and he’s busy doing research.” The film will apparently debut on Netflix, and will re-team him up with his “Nightcrawler” co-star, Rene Russo. Gyllenhaal reportedly hosted his entire family for Thanksgiving. No word on whether or not his home had a ton of new paintings for his the clan to enjoy, but it sounds like he’s taking this next project pretty seriously. Of course, he’s no stranger to his art being reviewed by critics.

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