Intruder Arrested at Justin Bieber's House

par SplashNewsFR

So Justin Bieber had an exciting week… in one of the worst possible ways.TMZ reports that the singer had a middle aged woman arrested at his Beverly Hills house after she wandered onto the property looking for him… for a third time this week.Yep, the woman, described as someone in her 40’s, showed up at Justin’s twice before being arrested and she was warned by security to stay away. And to answer your question, she DID make it onto the grounds but DID NOT make it inside the home.But it appears she just couldn’t leave well enough alone and she made it onto Bieber’s property a third time around 7:30 pm Monday night.And Justin’s security team detained the woman until officers arrived and put her in cuffs.Justin was home during the incident but did not make contact with the woman.She was ultimately booked for trespassing

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