Is 'Pregnant Kylie Jenner' the Most Anticipated Halloween 2017 Costume?

par SplashNewsFR

Everyone can expect that pregnant Kylie Jenner might be one of Halloween 2017’s hottest costume choices… Seriously, they’re already selling a “reality star in the making” outfit, complete with a fake baby bump. So what are some of the other hot celebrity costumes we can anticipate? Bill Skarsgard’s character Pennywise in “It” is sure to bring out a few scary clowns. Hugh Hefner’s legendary legacy is likely to resurface on Halloween by those who wish to honor his life… Perhaps even in zombie mode? Alicia Vikander’s highly anticipated interpretation of Lara Croft might motivate some adventurous spirits out there. Look out for Zombie Taylor Swift from her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video. Plenty will probably just make some updates to their Stranger Things costumes from the year before. And of course, there will be many versions of President Donald Trump.

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