Jennifer Lawrence taking a year out of acting to get young people into politics

par SplashNewsFR

We are all in mourning. No seriously, with the thought that Jennifer Lawrence is going to take a year off acting, but at least it’s for a good cause… The 27-year-old actress has claimed she will step back from the spotlight in 2019 in order to focus all her energy on working with charity Represent.Us, in an attempt to get younger people engaged in local politics. She says that her cause is for anti-corruption to try to fix our democracy. The 'Red Sparrow' actress is already working with the anti-corruption charity, and recently surprised a group of high school students at Cleveland Heights High School in Cleveland, Ohio with a talk about politics in association with the charity. Jennifer has often used her platform to speak out about political issues, such as taking part in the Women's March this January, where she stood in support of women's rights, equal pay, and immigration. We are right behind you Jennifer!

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