Johnny Depp Stays Afloat by Borrowing Money

par SplashNewsFR

Johnny Depp may have to change his name to Johnny Debt if the latest reports are true. The Daily Mail is reporting that the 54-year-old actor is maintaining his $2 million a month lifestyle by continuously taking out loan after loan. His former business managers – who are in embattled in a lawsuit with him – demand he fork over his financial documents as proof that he borrows money. Johnny has sued the management group – who he fired in 2016 - for $25 million, after his new managers allegedly found financial misconduct. Depp says they failed to pay his taxes on time, loaned out money without his permission, and for keeping sloppy financial records. The management group fired back and claimed that Johnny spent extravagantly and knew he was living beyond his means. Now they want him to hand over any documents for loans over $5,000 that he received.

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