Justin Bieber Brings Paula Paulin on a Church Date

par SplashNewsFR

Holy smoke show! Justin Bieber is keeping up his good guy image by taking his rumored new girlfriend, Paula Paulin, to his church in Beverly Hills. The singer was spotted driving himself, Paula and a buddy to the City Church in Los Angeles, where she looked to be in good spirits. Although Bieber made her ride in the backseat instead of taking shotgun, he showed off his gentleman values by opening the door for her, proving that chivalry is far from dead. Bieber has always been spiritual, but it seems that he’s increased his dedication to contemporary places of worship, often attending services. So it makes sense that he’d be looking for a church loving partner to be involved with as well. Paula’s bright smile would suggest that she too is excited for the experience. You know what they say… If you can bring your girl to church, you can definitely bring her home to Mom.

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