Katy Perry: I'll be a straight shooter on American Idol

par SplashNewsFR

American Idol is back and with an all new judging panel, and chart-topping singer Katy Perry is not holding back. The 33-year-old pop singer has revealed she'll be bunt with the contestants saying she'll be a "straight shooter", but also that she's determined not to belittle any of the aspiring stars.Speaking about her judging style, she explained that it's very constructive criticism but she’s also very cut and dry sometimes. – MEOW! Katy claimed that, in the past, some TV singing competitions have looked to make fun of certain contestants.But the 'Roar' hitmaker has insisted that the new series will strike a markedly different tone saying that they really encourage them.Meanwhile, Katy previously claimed that the revived show represents a chance for the contestants to live out the "American Dream".All we can say is, we’re living it with you Katy!

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