Kim Kardashian is a 'Hands-On' Mom

par SplashNewsFR

Guess we shouldn’t be too surprised that Kim Kardashian showed off her baby’s birth certificate. That’s right, the reality TV starlet gave her fans a peek at the document so they could see all the details – except for an address or two. And now we know that the little girl was born on January 15th at 12:47 am and she baby Chicago doesn’t have a middle name. The birth certificate also lists Dr. Paul Crane as the OBGYN who delivered the little bundle of joy. Us Weekly is also reporting that Kim is a very hands on mom, and that she’s getting up for everything in the middle of the night, especially in the first week. An insider close to the star also told the publication that it’s very important for Kim to bond with the baby, so we can probably expect to hear more stories like this in the coming future. And just in case you were wondering, Chicago has settled in wonderfully and currently sleeping a ton. Hope Kim and Kanye enjoy the rest while they can get it.

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