Kim Kardashian Slams Rumors She Left Son in Hospital

par SplashNewsFR

Kim Kardashian is firing back at the people who said she abandoned her kid to party on New Years Eve. That’s right, the 37-year-old took to Twitter to clear the air after she was accused of rocking in the new year while her son Saint was in the hospital with pneumonia. She said she did not leave her son for one minute during his hospital stay and to drive home the point, she reminded everyone of the timetable. She said that they were there at the hospital on Wednesday night to Saturday and New Years Eve was on Sunday night. People came over when he was already asleep for the night. Then she added that no one should try her when it comes to her kids. Just a few days before Kim updated her fans on her son’s condition, saying he was so strong after spending three nights in the hospital. He was hooked up to IV’s and a breathing machine. We’re just glad everything ended up okay.

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