Mark Wahlberg's Burger Chain Faces Challenges After Coney Island Closing

par SplashNewsFR

Are people not biting when it comes to Wahlburgers? According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Mark Wahlburgs’ fast food franchise isn’t performing well, especially at it’s newly closed Coney Island location. Page Six reports, “they have not been paying their bills… They were on the verge of being locked out of Coney Island.” It’s reported that the franchise is also having trouble opening up a location in Times Square, but there’s “some financial issue.” We’re sure that Wahlberg can cover the costs for a burger franchise, and a representative for the chain tells Page Six that the Coney Island location closed for a number of reasons. They reportedly say, “the franchise was not operating in compliance with Wahlburgers business practices and brand standards.” Wahlberg’s chain plans on bringing in different management to reopen in Coney Island and Times Square… It’s safe to say that the cheese on the burgers is the only thing really melting down.

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